Meet Our Talent

Meet Our Talent

DR. CARTER MD Medical Director

Dr. Carter specializes in cosmetic surgical enhancement. He utilizes specialized techniques to remove fat from unwanted areas. He also specializes in taking that fat and creating the Brazilian buttocks augmentation. As a cosmetic surgeon, it is one of the most exciting and pleasing sculpting procedures we can offer. Thanks to heightened media fascination with the curvaceous buttocks of Beyonce, J-Lo and Kim Kardashian, more women are opting for this procedure at an astounding rate. In addition, Dr. Carter believes that anti aging through hormone balance can be achieved with the right supplementation and weight control regimen. His beliefs and specialized practice add great value in helping create Atlanta's healthiest and most beautiful people.

TY, FNP-C Nurse Practitioner

Ty received her Master's of Science Degree in Nursing from Mercer University- Georgia Baptist College - Atlanta, GA. She embraced the exciting field of Medical Aesthetics with Vitality Med Spa. Ty has a passion for educating and empowering people to feel confident and positive about themselves and their bodies. How we look and feel has a strong impact on our lives and those around us. Both men and women want to feel great and look their very best. Ty looks forward to designing a unique aesthetic enhancement program that will give you the more youthful, toned and defined appearance that you deserve and the confidence to enjoy and live your best life.

MONIQUE Clinic Director

Monique is our founder and Director. She oversees all aspects of the clinic. She believes she has found the perfect niche that allows our staff to blend preventative and proactive treatments helping clients bring out their best. In addition to her professional roles, Monique prides herself on the long-standing relationships she has with her clients and the impeccable reputation she has attained with them. Monique is highly regarded and sought after by industry leaders and executives in the field of aesthetic skin care when they require aesthetic education. Monique’s personal integrity is the foundation of Vitality Med Spa’s success.

BARBARA R.N./ACLS Facial Enhancement Specialist/Senior Laser Practitioner

As an expert injector in the art of filler, Barb has a great eye for aesthetics. Having a background in art as well as her aesthetic training, enables her to approach the symmetry of your face as an artist looks at a canvas. Barb has extensive experience with all FDA approved fillers including Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, As well as Botox and Dysport. Barb takes special pride in taking time to sit and listen to her patients and to educate them about their treatments and products. Barb has quite a following due to her time spent and quality of work with her patients.

KARA Regional District Manager

Kara has years of experience in Management, Marketing, Operations and Business Development. During her years of experience in Corporate America, Kara learned first hand that for any business to be successful, it is absolutely essential to have a dedicated & motivated team that has a passion for providing excellent customer service. Kara makes it her goal to give each client a wonderful experience from the moment they walk in to the moment they walk out.

COURTANY Patient Care Coordinator

Courtany serves as the Patient Care Coordinator. Courtany is dedicated to ensuring that patients have a carefree and smooth experience from the moment she picks up the phone to the aftercare experience. She is responsible for the administrative oversight of the staff and the operations of the practice. Courtany deeply cares for the needs of people and enjoys creating an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging for the patients of Vitality Med Spa.

JULIE Certified Medical Assistant/Assistant Laser Practitioner

Julie is an AAMA Certified Medical Assistant. She attended Sanford Brown College in 2009-2010. She is also certified in iLipo, Cutera Xeo, Quanta Lasers and our professional skincare line Image. Julie has a caring and outgoing approach. Julie is a firm believer in turning your cants into cans and your dreams into plans. She enjoys working with our patients to help them reach their goals.

KENDRA Master Medical Aesthetician/Certified Esthetics Instructor, and Assistant Laser Practitioner

Kendra is a Licensed Professional Medical Aesthetician. She is also a Certified Esthetics Instructor, and Laser Technician. She has over a decade of experience in skin care, make up artistry, and advanced esthetics. Kendra’s expertise in her field and passion for educating others has helped her to empower health and beauty, as well as provide results oriented services to her clients. She's a highly motivated and confident self-starter who provides excellence in her skin care knowledge and customer service skills. Through her vast amount of clients and references she has made a name for herself in the world of beauty and cosmetics. She is the go to source for all the skin health and beauty needs everyone needs to know. Kendra has honed her skills and earned various certifications in advanced aesthetics, professional health and skin care. Skin is truly her passion and she firmly believes it should always be treated with care. Her mission is to empower her clients to feel beautiful and confident through the use of advanced esthetics. Because of her passionate love for skin care she chose to pursue her dream of attending skin care school, even in the face of adversity. Now she is changing lives "one face at a time".

DANA Spa Patient Care Coordinator/Receptionist

Dana has been a patient care coordinator at Vitality Med Spa since 2012. Dana is passionate about the health & beauty industry and helping men and women feel good about themselves. Dana works part-time at Vitality Med Spa. She is an experienced and valuable member of the staff with a remarkable eye for detail, able to remember what treatments patients had done years before. Dana not only serves as a patient care coordinator but reviews treatment plans each week to ensure that each patient can have the best possible experience at their appointments.

JESSICA Assistant Laser Practitioner/Esthetician/Waxing Technician

Jessica has been working in the skin care industry for over 9 years, during which time she has gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of skin. Jessica chose Esthetics as her career after realizing her passion to help people feel good about themselves. Noticing how much women hide behind make-up, she decided to educate herself and help men and women improve the skin from within. This dedication to skin care leads to others learning how to care for their unique and beautiful skin, leading them to feel more secure with themselves. Thus, ladies using make up for highlighting their assets rather than hiding their imperfections. Whether she is providing a custom facial plan or a Brazilian and eyebrow wax, providing comfort and confidence to her clients as a skincare professional is of utmost importance to Jessica. She is excited to help her clients change and improve their appearance, and looks forward to their next visit as the an exciting step on their path to healthy, beautiful skin.