Carb Tek

Carb Tek

Our carbohydrate blocker weight loss pills contain Phaseolus Vulgaris, the Great Northern White Bean, contains an inhibitor of alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase is an enzyme that promotes the breakdown of starch in the human intestinal tract. Ingestion of this inhibitor, which is present in the protein fraction of the bean, can reduce the digestion of starch in foods so that fewer sugars are absorbed. This "starch-blocker" action reduces the available caloric content of some foods. You can use our carb blocker for weight loss along with our other weight loss programs.

Carb Tek Carbohydrate Blocker

  • White kidney bean extract acts as a “carb blocker”

  • White kidney bean extract supports healthy weight loss

  • White bean extract inhibits certain digestive enzymes

  • White kidney bean extract helps with blood sugar balanace

  • White kidney bean extract encourages digestive health

  • White bean extract offers therapeutic nutrient levels

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