Med Spas vs. Day Spas: What is the Difference ?

Vitality Med Spa presents Med Spas vs. Day Spas: What is the Difference?

Med Spas and Day Spas may look and feel very similar but what a lot of people don’t know is that they are very different. You should consider the needs that you want satisfied before choosing which is suitable for you.

Physician-supervision is mandatory in Med Spa facilities. Med Spas offer high strength medical services that yield more visible results in quicker time frames. The procedures, medical devices, medications and ingredients used for these treatments typically require a prescription and all of the procedures require extensively advanced training. Staff often take advanced training courses multiple times a year and are offered very select trainings on their level of expertise from the manufacturers of products and medical devices. At Vitality Med Spa, we have only Master Level trained Cosmetic Injectors, Barbara VanLenten “aka Botox Barbie” and Ty Peterson, APRN who is also expertly trained and certified in Anti-Aging Medicine including hormone balancing and medical weight loss, A double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kristin Boehm for both Face and Body procedures, Master Level Aestheticians and Licensed Laser Technicians, Kendra Hall, Carrie Hess & Jessica Bittle and Licensed Laser Technician and Medical Assistant, Julie Stephens. All are medically trained but possess a specially trained eye in the art of aesthetics which allow them the highest level of ability in cosmetic restoration. We are also honored to be a teaching facility for multiple companies teaching the best and safest practices to other medical professionals looking to enter into our field.

Day Spas, on the other hand, are often owned and operated by non-medical personnel. Being that these facilities aren’t run by medically trained physicians; they are limited to the treatments that they can conduct because they cannot prescribe medical treatments and are often limited to the same strength treatments often purchased over-the-counter. The results are more for relaxation than cosmetic rejuvenation and restoration. They may have luxury accommodations that include: massages, body wraps, mask and other treatments like facials focusing on pampering.

The procedures and treatments that you’ll find at Vitality Med Spa are much more advanced. These services include: Plastic Surgery for both Face and Body, Botox and Dysport, medical grade chemical peels, dermal filler injections such as Juvederm and Restylane, and laser treatments such as Skin tightening, Skin Resurfacing, Hair Removal, Liposuction, Sunspot Removal, Spider Vein Removal and Tattoo Removal. We also have a medical weight loss division focusing on health and wellness with a full array of services for both men and women. Bio-Identical Horomone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) has become overwhelmingly popular. BHRT helps to restore the bodies hormone’s and organs to a place which allows for restored youthfulness. We are seeing benefits ranging from younger, more hydrated skin, enhanced mood and neurological function, better sleep patterns and increased sexual desire.

Vitality Med Spa combines clinical medicine with the traditional spa experience. At Vitality Med Spa, a laser liposuction procedure may be in progress in one room while a LUXE Pedicure may be going on in Luxe Nail and Beauty Bar. Whether you’re looking for plastic surgery, weight loss treatments, skincare procedures, facial procedures or body procedures, Vitality Med Spa has them all. It’s truly a one stop shop for all things beauty and cosmetic related procedures.

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