J. Adams - Highlight Client Blog - Back to School for kids, Freedom for MOM!

It's that time of year again. Back to school! Whether you are cheering to regain your home and schedule or dreading the expense ahead of you, you are not alone. Summer is such a long awaited break. We approach it with joy and optimism. The pool, the zoo, the late mornings and carefree days. By week 3 you want to book a one way ticket to a third world country to escape your loving teenager! I approach this time of the year as a single mom. It can become very expensive and overwhelming. With work and “the feedings” along with all the cries of boredom, I am pretty excited to hear the chiming of school starting back. But whoa to the expense! Do they really need enough Kleenex for a small nation with Typhoid? It all adds up and I am on my own. Even if you aren’t alone financially maybe some of these tips can help you as well. Backpacks, who knew they could cost more than a week of groceries? How I make a backpack last 2-3 years without hearing how everyone else gets a new one, like every other month? Scotch Guard, you can find it everywhere. Make sure you get it for canvas material. Spray it inside and out. You will find that even ink will come out with the use of a warm soapy sponge. Use it on your lunch bags as well. Another tragic expense ink pens and pencils. Where do they go? My car floorboard of course! I try to dig them out weekly and put them in my office where when I lose them, it’s no big deal. Unpacking that backpack at the end of the school year is a perfect opportunity to repurpose unused paper, folders, scissors and notebooks. If you can wait until the second week of school for supplies, do so. That’s when the real mark downs begin. Schedules-I have to schedule bathroom breaks. I am certain you feel the same way during this time of year. What I have found that works for us is to log onto your school website and start entering all the dates into your calendar. Set reminders. What’s worse than thinking you were on top of life and first in line at carpool to find it was a teacher work day? Been there done that! Summer reading? Eclass assignments? Nothing worse than finding out about these things after school starts. Set reminders through the summer as well as writing it on a dry erase board for your child. The goal is to be proactive. Starting the year in catch up mode is the worst and adds way too much stress to everyone. Last and most important, YOU time. Be sure to schedule that massage or facial 2-3 weeks ahead. Drop those kids off and head on over for ME time, you deserve it. After all you survived summer and the first day back to school without any bloodshed(hopefully)!

Thank you JEN!

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